• Education Nana Tchikhinashvili was born and raised in Tbilisi (Georgia). She has been singing in various professional choirs since she was six. After high school she followed the music lecture. There she chose choral conducting as the main subject, with piano and singing in addition. In 1989, Nana was admitted to the State Conservatory in Tbilisi. During the choral conducting and singing studies she was hired as one of the youngest professional concert singers in the Academic State Choir and appointed as conductor of the same choir. During her work as a singer and conductor, Nana developed her own style of choral conducting. In 1994 she graduated in both directions. Since 1995 she lives and works in the Netherlands.
  • Composer Since her arrival in the Netherlands, Nana has composed music for various animation and documentary films, such as “In het Park” in 1996 for the RVU. She also composed for De Balie in Amsterdam and in 2003 for the VPRO for “the Dada project”. In 2003 she composed the Missa Moderato Cantabile especially for her chamber choir, Ave Maria in 2006, Father Noster in 2015, and in 2016 Cherry tree and Ladybug (based on poems by her young deceased cousin Dnoara Tvauri). In 2017 she wrote Jesus, a special work in which the choir is accompanied by a viola player. In the future there will undoubtedly be more works by her.
  • Singer Mezzosoprano While singing in the choir of the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen, Nana was asked to teach vocalisation to the Roder Jongenskoor, to the Katholieke Oratoriumvereniging in Groningen, and at the Stedelijke Muziekschool in Groningen. In addition, Nana has given several solo performances, for example at De Kolk in Assen, the Stedelijke Muziekschool in Groningen, the Jozefkerk in Groningen, the Martinikerk in Franeker, the Margarethakerk in Norg, the Martinuskerk in Middelbert and at the PKN-kerk in Peize. She gave concerts in 2011 at many different locations accompanied by Trio Cantorum, and also by a pianist in f.a. Museum De Buitenplaats in Eelde and the Hermitage in Amsterdam (august 2012). Through MCT Reizen she has participated as soloist in ‘Carmina Burana’/ Carl Orff in collaboration with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (conductor: Friedemann Riehle) and the Project choir in the Smetana Hall in Prague (june 2012).
  • Conductor Apart from being a composer and a singer, Nana is – first and foremost – a conductor. While teaching vocalisation, she also worked as a guest conductor with the Handelkoor in Roden (2000), and with the Gemengd Koor in Ten Boer (2001). As from 2002 up to 2006 Nana worked as a conductor at the Regional Chamber Choir Peize. Since april 2007 she is conductor of the Byzantine Men Choir Friesland. Since 2001 Nana conducts her own founded chamber choir Moderato Cantabile.
  • Teacher From early 2002 Nana was attached to the ‘Stedelijke Muziekschool Groningen’ as music teacher. Nowadays she works as an independent teacher and gives workshops in singing and conducting.
  • Artistic vision  The conductor prefers to present a broad repertoire, in which the musical interpretion of the selected works and not the textual interpretation takes centre-stage (although the two can of course never be fully seperated). With her own, unique style of conducting – characterised by members of the choir as ‘singing with your hands’  Nana hopes to achieve a timbre that reveals the heart and soul of  the chosen piece of music.