About the choir

Chamber choir Moderato Cantabile was established in November 2001 by conductor Nana Tchikhinashvili. The name ‘Moderato Cantabile’ is a reflection of Nana’s love for music and for musical terms. It is derived from a French film, directed by Peter Brook, which carries the same name.  Nana is a dedicated conductor, who sets a high standard for her chamber choir. In her choice of music, she is guided not so much by the name and fame of the composer, nor by a certain musical style and period, but rather by the beauty of the music. For this reason, she regularly performs music that can rarely be heard elsewhere. In addition, an important facet is that the choir regularly offers opportunities for young, promising musicians to accompany their concerts. Moderato Cantabile organizes own concerts and gives concerts when invited. For reservations and bookings you can contact us under "contact". Apart from performing with the choir as a whole, the conductor and members of Moderato Cantabile also give solo performances. The Chamber Choir rehearses every Wednesday in the Vrije School, Merwedestraat in Groningen from 19.30 until 21.30 hrs.