• March 5 and 6 2016: Cd-recording of the cappella choral works missa Moderato Cantabile, Ave Maria and Pater Noster of Nana Tchikhinashvili and arrangements for trio of Nana Tchikhinashvili
  • May 22: performance during Een Uurtje Eeuwigheid in the Sint Jozefkathedraal in Groningen
  • June 18 : Public release of the Cd in music- and culturecentre VRIJDAG in Groningen, SintJansstraat 7, where the choir also will perform some works of the Cd. Free entrance.
  • June 19: Participation in Sing Sing choir festival in Groningen in the Oosterpoort in Groningen
  • Saturday Afternoon the 9th of July public rehearsal/house concert with solo performances by  members of the choir in Museum Vosbergen in Eelde
  • From 15 to October 21: Choir tour to Barcelona, with various performances, including the Sagrada Famiglia, the Catheral of Santa Maria del Mar and the Abbey of Montserrat.
  • November 19: Anniversary Concert in Der Aa-Kerk in Groningen, partly with the help of an ensemble of talented conservatory students
  • November 20: same Anniversary Concert in the Grote Kerk in Epe
  • April 9: Lenteconcert in Op de Helte in Roden
  • On Saturday May 20 there was a so called 'Spring Concert' in the Baptist church in Groningen with a cappella choral works by composers from the 19th century till present
  • May 21 concert in the sanctuary of De Hermitage in Amsterdam within the context of the exhibition 1917. Romanovs & Revolution. The end of the monarchy